All’s Well That Ends Well.

Success- a simple word that has been overlooked by society; a word most vagabonds wouldn’t be able to perceive, let alone the definition that is utterly incomprehensive in the depths of their minds. Today’s generation contemplated differently, they ought the word “Success” is commonly associated to being sophisticated or manipulative. Basically, empowering themselves with wealth- only to be considered spoiled in the end. On the other hand, sanctimonious beings may visualize success in an inconceivable way. It’s certainly not wrong to imagine success profoundly than what we can manage. Supposedly, it would be much more preferred if we start with the elementary deeds rather than exposing ourselves with something big and impossible- unwillingly eradicating our fulfilments. Therefore, we cannot expect ourselves to dominate this planet if we haven’t had a fundamental base for our simple acts of success.

Generosity is one way we can further our step into success, we need to plan out a probable idea. Think about the families living in a marginalized province- helping them by providing a much more convenient property and giving them enough money may sound like a big successful impact to the welfare of the people. However, all isn’t well. High expectations are like propagandas, ruining the definition of success, and the idea of generosity at the same time. You can’t anticipate the marginalized families to move to a new property with a better economy, it’s like forcing them to leave their comfortable homes and getting used to the new environment can be a burden to them. To start off simply, giving money to a particular charity is already the beginning. Then, proceeding to create a simple charity organization could be a foundation of your progress, ensuring that the earnings would be given to the marginalized people. In addition, to give an endorsement to them, we could create a notice to give awareness to the public. Whether it’s selling unwanted items or ensuring the oblivious people to be aware of those who are alienated, our efforts can determine our compassion for the well-being of the marginalized people.

Presumably, as we continue to slowly increase our support for them, the definition of success would be more tolerable. As we commit to a much smaller and simple step, it would be manageable for us. Our kindness would collaborate with our thoughts. Providing the less fortunate with our constant support. Although the act of generosity is commonly associated among certain people, the idea of benevolence cannot be both a weakness nor a strength at the same time.



The Magic of Christmas

 “All is calm, all is bright. Round yon Virgin, Mother, and Child. Holy infant so tender and mild,”

The lyrics sounded familiar, right? An enchanting Christmas song entitled Silent Night, the sweet, sentimental tune gave a euphonious definition of a nonchalant Christmas. Basically, innocence is hiding behind this holiday. Whenever we thought of this felicitous event, people may imagine young innocent children running around, playing with the snow, making snow angels and writing letters to Santa, asking for toys and goodies to be wrapped in a harlequin paper and put it under their Christmas tree with tons of ornaments and lights. The youngsters are surrounding our environment, bringing joyous moments to lighten up the spirit of Christmas.

  Now, what if the children’s sentiments are no longer lively? The felicity of the celebration would be eradicated, causing melancholy to be filled in the air. Indeed, a nightmare before Christmas. Nevertheless, a story by Charle Dickens could represent such situation. But this time, an old man named Scrooge, who contemplates that everything is just pure nonsense, nothing crucial about this holiday. To him, he sees Christmas as absolutely dreary and indignant. Another instance would be our iconic character made by Dr. Seuss, the green Grinch had an idea to ruined Christmas by stealing it. Eventually, their bitterness would suddenly turn them into a new leaf- resembling a much more blissful character in the end. That’s the magic of the Christmas spirit.

Like what the Grinch says, Christmas is not all about material gifts, it’s about spending time with your loved ones. The bond between the a child and his family could easily enlighten the season, pushing the woes off the cliff and care less about their stresses. Everytime beings would hear the powerful melody that represent the imperturbable happiness, it would constantly hold onto the common feeling of nostalgia dangling around the area, making them lilt around the place that would go along with their spirits into this world and beyond. The idea of Christmas is nevertheless, worth to be cherished.


Letter to Person

(Letter- #1 – Written by Tracee Kyle)

Dear person,

My own sentiment is colliding with yours, but our intimacy has endured through many woes which I cannot define. My own contemplations have mixtures of joyous moments from when I began to creep out of my shell and walk freely to this world and beyond, I cannot assure myself to force you into so many troubles that may not define me in this foolish life of mine. So foolish, yet we lived like kings and queens in our mind. On the other hand, sorrow often crashes those cherished thoughts which set off a boundary for my desires. “Grand” is by no means my frequent utterance and I have been superficial with my feelings that it has become a habit. However, I believe that fate is behind this and it has been common for me to walk to the same path as fate. Furthermore, your enigma is increasing and you are making my soul curious in the depths of my own mind. Pardon my shame for acting ignorant towards you, I am controlling such a burden- a monster, perhaps, that I wish could be taken away, but at the same time, remorse would come along. I would be willing to get your empathy, but I’ll be damned if I intentionally perished you by keeping myself silent, my own self can be filled with woes too, so don’t sober.

Yours sincerely,
Clarke E. Tye

My Life in a Movie

In people’s own perspective view, they are the main characters of their own story. It is up to them to decide their own decisions and conflictions.

I bet there is even an invisible narrator who is describing my life. You know, like in some movies, there are these “unknown” people narrating other people’s life, I found it quite satisfying and I even adapt that idea to reality. As I am completely overdosed with movies, television shows and books, I began to see my life as if it was a movie, but not scripted. Probably a reality television show wherein this time, the cameraman is very good at hiding.

However, I also imagined that there are people watching my life while eating popcorn, or maybe a bag of gummy bears- I know it sounded uncanny, but these “people” could feel weary and bored at some point, that’s why it’s up to me to make my life more enthralling because I don’t want my existence to be another cliché movie.

As I do consider myself an extraordinaire, I always have the sudden urge to do or say something that would either make me sound like a comedian or a gothic person, but due to me being an apprehensive person- it can be difficult. I tend to cringe at memories that are regrettable. I kept on repeating them and it’s destroying my acting career. (Ha- I’m being dramatic.) Plus, I am an introvert- my whole world is in my head. In reality, I am a shy, hesitant, soft-spoken being who easily get frightened. (Well, depending on the people that perceived me.) But in my own mind, I am more than that, I am majestic. My mind is screaming so loudly that only me, myself could hear it, yet nobody else would be able to.

Then, I began brooding, would it be better if these “people” are watching my imagination than my existence? I mean- I am the cameraman of my own mind, but I felt that reality is also rolling too. How could you film a person who is filming her own utopia? If only the cameraman could jump inside my head and film everything- I wouldn’t be dull person. My head is always in the clouds, and coming back down to earth can be eerie to me.

Nevertheless, I want these “people” to see my actual self- the personality that is in my mind. I don’t want them to depict me as a typical, average girl because that wouldn’t be me. However, expressing it verbally can turn out to be an indecipherable colloquy. I think I would rather make and do the bucket list than ensuring the other characters would remember me as an extraordinary person. In that case, maybe that could already be a part of my bucket list- remembering me as an extraordinarie.

We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? ‘Cause it was, you know, it was the best.
-Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

Anyways, I’ll just continue being who I am. I am not really solemn about this weird situation, I could only expose my actual self to a few people. Being an enigma would probably be the next thing I would go for, but since I have shared my contemplation with you- being different is what I aimed to be.