He has a face perceived to be a novelty;
a face described in a typical fairytale
with the prince rescuing the princess
only I would devour myself to.

The smell of his fragrance
is strongly nostalgic and
intangible, but made me touched,
only I would be in a vivid dream.

The utterances he had articulated-
the words came out flawlessly
like an enthralling unknown story
only I would immerse myself to.

He has a face perceived to be a novelty;
a face I’d reckon being in a fairytale
with no queens or kings, but us,
only I would have remembered it before.


I Bothered, Brother

During the dark hours,
you were mentally entangled;
living in the state of being devoured
by the miserable thoughts
in your miserable life.

As a person who cares, a trusty old friend
is surely what you need,
I’ll reach for your hand
if only you’d forgiven me,
and had forgotten your woes.

Don’t let me down,
don’t go beyond the line.
Although I’m rarely around,
don’t even cut the line
where your heart first throbs.

As a person who cares, I’ll take
the sharpest lives away.
Even your smile is all fake,
I don’t expect a foul play,
don’t make it hard for me to stay.

Filling yourself with silence
won’t prevent me from asking
if you are doing anything violent
to your own self, your own life.
We made a promise, please don’t lie.

As a person who cares, empathy
is something you will certainly have.
I’ll talk on and on, breathlessly.
I’ll give you my pair of ears
if you will open up your fears.

You, dangling from the top,
I personally knew it was too late,
all your harms suddenly stop,
I knew I haven’t said
that I am desperate for you to stay,

As a person who cares, I’ll put
flowers on your grave,
I’ll even step foot,
visit and write your name
Every single day.