Chocolate Cake

the inside, i yearned.

the sweetness,

the mushy and soft side,

covered with skin

of the colour walnut.

bewitching me

as i devoured

and my heart pumped

when beauty is what i see!

never uttered a word,

silence mingled

with other ingredients,

yet warmth, i feel.

cold when aloof,

but a piece

will always be in me.

i envy those

who has more.

love turned me greedy.

the more i have,

the more i’m unclean,

i’ll have the whole,

and the tiny bits too.

none would be wasted,

it’ll all be in me.


A Watermelon Grin

her watermelon’s shell

keeps the flesh well secured,

together with the seeds

not freed inside the flesh,

it’s easy to notice, but no luck

to pluck them out,

people leave it there as they devour,

and she keeps an empty bottle

to scout for the seeds

with her tiny tongs

until she got ill.

she displays every bottle

like a shelf of her worthiness.

it’s to remind herself

of her accomplishments.

and every seed that is spat out,

she pretends and takes it

as a token of gratitude

coming from the mouth

she grows more in her backyard,

she would have to plant, wait, lift

and slice to shape a perfect smile-

her perfect smile

to capture the outer part of her

and it took every courage

while the grind hides

the flesh of her crimson rage.