A Morning Lullaby for the Sleepless Nights

white dots speckled the sombre sky,

lingering onto the raven void

with dark cotton rampaging up high.

weepings from above and i was annoyed.

i mumbled and prayed to see the moon

hiding among the mists like a lost possession.

then, all thoughts slumbered in the gloom,

whilst i dwell on my fickled emotions.

my ears suddenly shoot up to a voice trilling,

a sweet rhapsody from paradise up top.

my morning bursts in colours of thrillings.

and when my heart began to hop,

those little ticks, like chirps from early birds,

are humming humbly as i spot him in sight.

his dirty mug, i cared less about, but his words

brought me in the garden of sheer delight.

when the wind bustled his sugary melodies

in the deep forest of my very own heart,

where my beats were his instruments of remedy.

and the trees swayed to the rhythm of the harp.

at twilight, he became the silent moon,

he never sang the blues but rose from the woes.

and it’s easier to doze off and turn into a cocoon

because my nights never again became my foes.




a waxing crescent for every beam

only to be seen in the darkest hours.

but with strands of hair that gleams,

he bloomed among the sunflowers.

how are you my very own dreams,

my teardrops from the rain shower,

and the sweetness of my cream?

it muddles me as i am devoured

by every thought that scream.


i am, of the bitter and the sour,

but my cries are stronger than any stream

flowing around my ivory tower.

will you save me from the extreme?

or leave me like a perished flower,

still waiting to be redeemed?


Invisible Wings

What if we walk into this world with no gravity?
Would we float in the state of tragedy?

We may live like kings and queens in the sky,
But we are so close to the time that we’ll cry.

We would soar like the birds near the atmosphere.
However, we would all be living in fear.

We would touch the stars in a pitch-black night.
Yet, we could lose our sight from the very bright light.

As we continue to fly, we would be able to touch the moon,
But oxygen is limited anytime soon.

The wind would embrace us, dearly.
Holding onto us until the very end- even when it’s weary.

Our invisible wings may not last for all.
We can go back down, if we don’t fear the fall.


Thy Love is Murder

The last sound is what I despised,
At the time when the sun is starting to rise.

Your words honoured my heart which is filled with lust,
I wish to leave behind traces of dust.

I’ll cherish what has been burdened.
I sense agony in my head, all over again.

Revive my soul that has been decimated,
Revive my art that has been splatted and hated.

Contemplations and dilemmas set us apart,
Continue throwing those unwanted sharp darts.

I wish to endure myself through your woes,
We will be defined as far-flung foes.

Although you left my weary soul,
Please give me back what you had stole.