Handsome Lady


Classified as art, viewed on every existence here on earth.
She was defined as one, ever since she was given birth.
She was like a young plant, blooming into a flower.
Her heart was sweet, but her mind was sour.

Despite her appearance, she never perceived her beauty.
She was a gorgeous lady who is frequently moody.
Her characteristics were strong like the opposite gender,
It surprisingly matches to a serious offender.

She would always be seen wearing a bow tie;
She would always hang out with a drunken old guy.
Those who admired her, their hearts were shattered,
For she eradicated her beauty which she was once flattered.

She attended every masquerade with her classic black suit,
Bewitching maidens with her slenderness and her enigma brute.
Her face; her mask, which she disguised,
Revealed her masculinity to the ignorant men who were not surprised.

Even a single dance can captivate the heart of an oblivious female.
Even those around her were desirous of her charming swell.
But once she removed her mask; her incognito will be released
And all the people will avoid as if she was a contagious disease.

(Picture drawn by Tracee Kyle)