When the door shuts behind you,

your curiosity grew louder

and what surrounds you,

don’t matter to you anymore.

but that lovely girl,

standing near the door

is the only single being

you ever cared the most.

and the door that kept shutting,

shall never be your fiend,

it knows your limitations

and what you must not know

in order for you to keep intact,

you leave the girl to be-

as lovely as she can be

is what you can only see.



Ticker Ticks Too

his ticker kept on beating,
following the melody
of every single tick
of the old grandfather clock.

his ticker was pounding
faster than he could imagine,
faster than every second
the clock could tick.

his ticker connects
to the sound of beats
of her thumping ticker
when they first meet.

his ticker continues
to hear each tick
she could ever make
when time is running so soon.

his ticker felt the unwanted ticks
that turned against him
when the clock strikes
at that time,

and he knew it was gone.


tick-tock, tick-tock,
there goes the grandfather clock,
every beat he made
would never sound the same.