✓ Love, Rosie

91pwc0jjo6l-_sl1500_The Book’s Information
Title: Love, Rosie
(Where Rainbows End)
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Published: 2004 (Originally)
Adaptations: Love, Rosie (2014)

Rosie and Alex are best friends until Alex’s family moves to America. They gamble everything to keep their love and friendship alive over the years and miles.

My Thoughts

This book was originally called Where Rainbows End, and it reminded me of leprechauns or anything to do with fairytales. But the book that I actually read is now entitled Love, Rosie which I first interpret it to be in a letter format, just like The Perks of being a Wallflower.

I was right about the letter format, but the magical creatures are certainly over the boundary.

Besides the fact that the whole storyline is fictionally adapted from the letters of Rosie and Alex, it also has text messages, e-mails, postcards and any other writing or typing mediums people could ever communicate with one another. When I read the book, I felt like that man from Attachments who constantly reads people’s email because it’s fascinating and not creepy in such a way that we want to learn more about the person rather than doing it for entertainment, well, at least for me, those two are balanced, but let’s not get carried away with that book.

Now it all starts with two best friends: Rosie and Alex, a girl and a boy who are considered to be childhood buddies, how adorable. You may think this is some cliché romance between best friends and I would say it’s half-true and the other half is nowhere to be seen, the fact that this is cliché is absolutely not what you expected it to be. There is a plot twist that may crush your inner soul because you desperately want them to be together. Still, I’ll be thankful for that because if there weren’t any twist in the story, it would just be another romantic platitude.

Onto the character developments, I’m totally alright with Rosie and Alex, but the character that caught my attention the most is Rosie’s other best friend, Ruby. She is witty and has a hilarious personality, even though, she is ten years older than Rosie, she is definitely the kind of friend everyone wants to have. So, Rosie is lucky to have her as a companion when Alex fled to another country. On the other hand, the daughter of Rosie, Katie, is similar to her mother, she has a good friend named Toby who is like Alex, both Katie and Toby have a great friendship too. Especially when Toby is able to tell what kind of food Katie eats because bits are always stuck on her braces, a great friendship, indeed.

Next, the negativity. Supposedly, I don’t hate anything about this book, I think it’s wonderful. However, I was indignant because of this whole “bad-timing” romance. For instance (Not necessarily a spoiler), It’s like when one decided to break-up with her partner and would confess her feelings for the other person, but to her realization, that person is already married and after that, she married another person, but the person that she wanted to confess to, ended up becoming single and he felt the urge to confess to the girl but realized that she is married- Definitely something like that. It’s frustrating because you felt so close to letting them be together, but it ended up going to the wrong way; the wrong hole.

Summing it all up, Love, Rosie is a fantastic romantic comedy novel that can be both funny and a pain in the neck at times. It has a lot of pages, yet I enjoy the adventure where the colloquy are expressed through various forms of communication. Plus, the intentional grammar and spelling mistakes are somewhat the perfect touches for that kind of conversation- it gives off the idea of what we, beings, normally converse through typing and probably writing.

Will I recommend this book? Yes! If you like to laugh and be frustrated at the same time, then this book will suit you. It gives a variety of emotions that makes the story. Probably a little advice, don’t expect much from the book!

Ratings: Five out of five stars!