Thy Love is Murder

The last sound is what I despised,
At the time when the sun is starting to rise.

Your words honoured my heart which is filled with lust,
I wish to leave behind traces of dust.

I’ll cherish what has been burdened.
I sense agony in my head, all over again.

Revive my soul that has been decimated,
Revive my art that has been splatted and hated.

Contemplations and dilemmas set us apart,
Continue throwing those unwanted sharp darts.

I wish to endure myself through your woes,
We will be defined as far-flung foes.

Although you left my weary soul,
Please give me back what you had stole.



I counted the days for a starter,
I cross them out with a red marker.

I stand beside a lamp post,
Waiting for you is what I do most.

Happy faces for the red traces?
Woes that make chases?

Running water from the eyes,
It’s not even a good supply.

I’ll put everything in a vault,
But it wouldn’t be my fault.

I expect you to run away.
Now, I’m going back to the first day.



When love walks by,
Love waved and said “Hi!”
Love caught me when I fall.
The reason is that love is there for all.
Mainly focuses on what has been perished.
However, keeping what was cherished
For all to see,
But not for me.
When love walks by again,
“Bye!” Was what he send
For me to hear,
Not for all to fear.
Then, hate slap me in the face.
It came back, even after I erase.