Flightless Flock of Sheep

when a feathered creature learned to dive

and glide underneath the empyrean,

his silky wings brace the ol’ buttermilk sky;

wafting herds of sheep, mounting one another,

gently moving in an all familiar direction-

all the way to the neverending finish line.

how restless they were

and the creature wondered why.

he explored different faces; different places

and avoided savages in their beastly phases.

when famished, he stepped on weak worms

and let his pointed beak pecked the life out of it.

in his eyes, he’s a hungry creature,

naive and absent to others’ thoughts.

his stomach growls louder and he wanted more,

how monstrous he is!

and the worms wondered why.

And all goes back to the little creature

when a tiny missile-like steel

touched his pounding heart,

an abundance of sheep wept,

but he still continues to fly.

not into the arms of the Shepherd,

who guarded his flock with his eagle eyes.

the Shepherd didn’t catch him,

and the creature, into the abyss he goes

and the Shepherd knew why.


Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

a blanket of roses

over her lithe body,

and candle wax

on her pale fragile face.

no crimson flowing,

and her eyelids locked.

drowned in eternal peace.

once she consumes heaven,

oh, she’ll be beautiful.

but haunted by vices,

dances on carcases

and malice she wore

displays her wrath.

how graceful she laid there,

how beautiful she once was.

what beauty

can hell make of her?



i’m nothing more than a raggedy creature,

stuck in a chamber with mice and rodents.

they treat me like a worthless tramp

and served me bones i couldn’t consume.

i am left to wither each and every other day,

and when the time has finally arrived,

my smile shall be painted on my lifeless face.



Know Where All the Bodies Are Buried

she has plucked eyes from a young child.

naive, but the imagination is growing wild.

she has stolen the mind of an old man.

slowly withering, but wisdom is her friend.

she has a mimicked mouth of a public speaker.

talks more, and the words meant something deeper.

she has duplicated ears of a private listener.

talks less, puts down the mirror, and it wouldn’t be her.

she has chopped off hands from an artist.

creative, but putting the emotions at risk.

she has the decapitated head of a writer.

put it in the clouds, it will make her mightier.

she has the misplaced heart of a soldier.

vulnerable, and no, not a past holder.


Inner Twin

i had a brother,

short and scary, whatever he’s wearing

always seemed to terrify others.

without him, that bothers me.

he’s my family, but i don’t like him.

he ain’t my brother, actually.

all i know is that he lives

at the back of my head,

waiting to come out

on splendid days.


I Bothered, Brother

During the dark hours,
you were mentally entangled;
living in the state of being devoured
by the miserable thoughts
in your miserable life.

As a person who cares, a trusty old friend
is surely what you need,
I’ll reach for your hand
if only you’d forgiven me,
and had forgotten your woes.

Don’t let me down,
don’t go beyond the line.
Although I’m rarely around,
don’t even cut the line
where your heart first throbs.

As a person who cares, I’ll take
the sharpest lives away.
Even your smile is all fake,
I don’t expect a foul play,
don’t make it hard for me to stay.

Filling yourself with silence
won’t prevent me from asking
if you are doing anything violent
to your own self, your own life.
We made a promise, please don’t lie.

As a person who cares, empathy
is something you will certainly have.
I’ll talk on and on, breathlessly.
I’ll give you my pair of ears
if you will open up your fears.

You, dangling from the top,
I personally knew it was too late,
all your harms suddenly stop,
I knew I haven’t said
that I am desperate for you to stay,

As a person who cares, I’ll put
flowers on your grave,
I’ll even step foot,
visit and write your name
Every single day.



On his deathbed,
I stole the roses that were red.
I wrapped it to make it seem new.
Then, I gave it to the people I knew.

I was spreading his burdens,
They thought it was from the gardens.
Everyone was satisfied,
Even though, someone has already died.


The Violin Bleeds Too

His weary violin plays a melancholy symphony that fills the air.
Men and women and those with children are in despair.
Oh- you could hear the melody, the violinist’s far-flung woes.
The ballerina is weeping and dancing on the tip of her toes.

The townspeople were in the state of a sempiternal purgatory.
The sinister sadists paused their tortures to listen to something better than gory.
The man loved her, dearly. But the woman disliked him, sincerely.
Now, he raised his beer, singing the blues in the town of dreary.

The music suddenly stopped by a man who is filled with hatred.
He smashed the violin so hard; his palms were hot and red.
The woebegone tune was completely annihilated.
The man did not regret his doings and that’s what he stated.

The violinist stayed silent; he perceived the man’s sentiment.
The man is having a horrible day, maybe a nightmare he dreamt.
Since the violinist is fair, he picked a violin piece and slit his palm.
The man was disgusted: yet the violinist chose to remained calm.

Then, blood was poured out of the palm to the broken violin pieces on the ground.
“You are disgusting!” Exclaimed the man who can’t stand the dripping sound.
The violinist walks towards the man, then he put his hand on the man’s cheeks.
With blood flowing down, the wind came and the windows began to creak.

The violinist whispered, “You heard the wind, that’s the soul of my violin.”
The man deserves a punishment that would vanish his only sin.
Suddenly, the man heard the tune of a violin playing.
The violinist whispered again, “You heard what the violin is saying, it is now staying.”

The man fell on his knees, he felt the words piercing through his ears.
He deserved to be locked up, the man received what he tried to avoid- his fears.
The violinist decided to leave him alone, because that’s the right thing to do.
Then, he turned around and said, “The violin bleeds too.”