Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

a blanket of roses

over her lithe body,

and candle wax

on her pale fragile face.

no crimson flowing,

and her eyelids locked.

drowned in eternal peace.

once she consumes heaven,

oh, she’ll be beautiful.

but haunted by vices,

dances on carcases

and malice she wore

displays her wrath.

how graceful she laid there,

how beautiful she once was.

what beauty

can hell make of her?



i’m nothing more than a raggedy creature,

stuck in a chamber with mice and rodents.

they treat me like a worthless tramp

and served me bones i couldn’t consume.

i am left to wither each and every other day,

and when the time has finally arrived,

my smile shall be painted on my lifeless face.



Cloaked in Grey

i, a child, shadowed among nature’s woes.

with my eyes peering on hints of greys,

i was in disgrace with the world too dreary.

and feelings mismatch the colour theory.

paints, all too familiar, looked the same.

my landscape pictures a mad atmosphere,

but i’m only sane, no luck to become an artist

when melancholia is splattered in canvases.

but i knew chameleons flash in vibrant hues,

and i longed to keep one, bigger than my shoe.

if i’m camouflaged to the greys of hollowness,

i need a chameleon cloaked to the colourfulness.

/part one/


Of Dawn and Dusk

hummings of creatures when sunrise bloomed

and grace frisked to the flow of those who knew.

passing rusted leaves lying on the bed of filth.

perishing lovely roses with pricks of guilt.

you, a lone, hid among shades of dimmed tint,

brooding over an assemblage of strewn flint.

intaking air from dawn’s mellifluous breeze.

resting beside lakes from far-flung tease.

trilling along the tunes until afternoon’s drizzle,

hide coated his skin, but he needs no muzzle.

drenched by droplets from Heaven’s weep,

an anomaly at night, absent to each sleep.

yonder to the void, he ascends from the deep.


To Make a Human

the cauldron fizzled and the steam arose,

blisters, weighing like thin air, began to float.

i gathered up ingredients to soon meld a being,

it will become a grand masterpiece!


for touches of shy and sweet spices,

sprinkle crystal-like sugar from sugar canes,

during the season of harvesting.

too much and a frenetic gets jumpy.


for the heart’s warmth and empathy,

collect ashes- residues from the fireplace,

during the hours of a frigid twilight.

too much and the wrath will ablaze.


for the sagacious mind to contemplate,

pile up milky strands of hair from hoary men

who immersed themselves with words.

too much and a cynic be bald.


for the humour and jests to laugh upon,

bottle up bubbly chuckles from other humans

during a comedic feast or a carnival show.

too much and malice becomes their satire.


i mingled all elements with a wooden spoon,

sang dulcet melodies for extra seasoning.

my mixture imploded with varied hues

composed of goodies to be fused.


but all became flawed with a tiny mistake,

a thread of my hair- my flaws and weaknesses,

fell to the amalgam, a new colour formed,

i was in tears until a human was born.


he emerged and his faint grin was first to be seen.

i threw away all thoughts of being a failure,

and realised, he too, is a fallible human.

then, a smile painted widely on my face,