About Me

I don’t actually like writing poetry, I grew weary of it. Those figurative languages, rhyming schemes and philosophical themes, it feels like I’m repeating things over and over again. 

I mean, after hundreds of writing down my mushy feelings and romanticized shit-sentiments, I need to retire, right?

Eh, no.

I’ll still continue on it, with a bit of twist and turn. I’ll experiment with my writing like how I do with baking and cooking. I don’t take measurements, I don’t necessarily follow instructions and if the outcome tastes good, it tastes good. (Though I won’t recommend abandoning all rules, it may result in wasting your ingredients.)

And there will be flaws, but that’s okay. As long as I don’t add too much glitter and sprinkles, or else my piece would just be a plop of a mess.


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