Letter to Person

(Letter- #1 – Written by Tracee Kyle)

Dear person,

My own sentiment is colliding with yours, but our intimacy has endured through many woes which I cannot define. My own contemplations have mixtures of joyous moments from when I began to creep out of my shell and walk freely to this world and beyond, I cannot assure myself to force you into so many troubles that may not define me in this foolish life of mine. So foolish, yet we lived like kings and queens in our mind. On the other hand, sorrow often crashes those cherished thoughts which set off a boundary for my desires. “Grand” is by no means my frequent utterance and I have been superficial with my feelings that it has become a habit. However, I believe that fate is behind this and it has been common for me to walk to the same path as fate. Furthermore, your enigma is increasing and you are making my soul curious in the depths of my own mind. Pardon my shame for acting ignorant towards you, I am controlling such a burden- a monster, perhaps, that I wish could be taken away, but at the same time, remorse would come along. I would be willing to get your empathy, but I’ll be damned if I intentionally perished you by keeping myself silent, my own self can be filled with woes too, so don’t sober.

Yours sincerely,
Clarke E. Tye

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