The Magic of Christmas

 “All is calm, all is bright. Round yon Virgin, Mother, and Child. Holy infant so tender and mild,”

The lyrics sounded familiar, right? An enchanting Christmas song entitled Silent Night, the sweet, sentimental tune gave a euphonious definition of a nonchalant Christmas. Basically, innocence is hiding behind this holiday. Whenever we thought of this felicitous event, people may imagine young innocent children running around, playing with the snow, making snow angels and writing letters to Santa, asking for toys and goodies to be wrapped in a harlequin paper and put it under their Christmas tree with tons of ornaments and lights. The youngsters are surrounding our environment, bringing joyous moments to lighten up the spirit of Christmas.

  Now, what if the children’s sentiments are no longer lively? The felicity of the celebration would be eradicated, causing melancholy to be filled in the air. Indeed, a nightmare before Christmas. Nevertheless, a story by Charle Dickens could represent such situation. But this time, an old man named Scrooge, who contemplates that everything is just pure nonsense, nothing crucial about this holiday. To him, he sees Christmas as absolutely dreary and indignant. Another instance would be our iconic character made by Dr. Seuss, the green Grinch had an idea to ruined Christmas by stealing it. Eventually, their bitterness would suddenly turn them into a new leaf- resembling a much more blissful character in the end. That’s the magic of the Christmas spirit.

Like what the Grinch says, Christmas is not all about material gifts, it’s about spending time with your loved ones. The bond between the a child and his family could easily enlighten the season, pushing the woes off the cliff and care less about their stresses. Everytime beings would hear the powerful melody that represent the imperturbable happiness, it would constantly hold onto the common feeling of nostalgia dangling around the area, making them lilt around the place that would go along with their spirits into this world and beyond. The idea of Christmas is nevertheless, worth to be cherished.


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