Dead Sea

i carried the pitiful living beings

with life forces heavier than my structure.

souls that contained such burdens

preventing them from soaring back freely

into the wild blue yonder,

but i chose to sail further into the sea

with a rocky body, ready to tip over,

i’ll try to endure the energy,

from my thoughtless surrounding

that might make me collide into a boulder.

it’ll be sadder than the ebony void

with no shimmering stars

to help me guide

through the vicious nights.

yet, i’ll sail so far,

they won’t even realised

the progress i have been making

when oxygen is being taken

by the fallen ones

in exchange for melancholic air

that will one day turn me into rust

or badly enough,

particles of dust.

i’ll continue to sail, though.


a complete round throughout earth

would be the last adventure i’ll ever see.

the last time I will stay afloat,

carrying my passengers.

i thought i would be like them

but i’m certain they prepared their life vests

to not descend into the deep

and to not bother about me sinking

into the bottom part of “where else could it be?”

after a long, seemingly endless trip

to the seven seas.

for now, i’ll remain to be

another lost sunken ship.


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