Ever Since We Met

From innumerable miles away,
My heart solemnly detects your soul.
Causing me to tremble inside-
A sentiment that is forcing me to hide
What I wish to express,
What I wish to utter, deeply inside.
The spirit within you
Is inexplicable.
Yet, I see beauty so much in you.
I see art painted all over you.
Even your enchantment
Is causing me to be under your spell.
I felt myself twirling around the room
With old-fashion music,
And don’t forget, you.
From the back of my mind,
I always contemplate
That fate is behind all of this,
Treating us like puppets,
Dangling from the strings.
Coincidences often made me ring,
Frequent glances at each other,
Frequent bumps from one another.
Is it truly the work of fate?
Or am I in a mental state?
But what they have done,
Surely wasn’t enough
For you and me
In this incomprehensible world
With hidden fairytales
Eager to be exposed
For us to be captivated
By the unknown spell
That made our hearts throb,
That manipulated us to fall into a deep hole,
Called “Love.”


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