The Violin Bleeds Too

His weary violin plays a melancholy symphony that fills the air.
Men and women and those with children are in despair.
Oh- you could hear the melody, the violinist’s far-flung woes.
The ballerina is weeping and dancing on the tip of her toes.

The townspeople were in the state of a sempiternal purgatory.
The sinister sadists paused their tortures to listen to something better than gory.
The man loved her, dearly. But the woman disliked him, sincerely.
Now, he raised his beer, singing the blues in the town of dreary.

The music suddenly stopped by a man who is filled with hatred.
He smashed the violin so hard; his palms were hot and red.
The woebegone tune was completely annihilated.
The man did not regret his doings and that’s what he stated.

The violinist stayed silent; he perceived the man’s sentiment.
The man is having a horrible day, maybe a nightmare he dreamt.
Since the violinist is fair, he picked a violin piece and slit his palm.
The man was disgusted: yet the violinist chose to remained calm.

Then, blood was poured out of the palm to the broken violin pieces on the ground.
“You are disgusting!” Exclaimed the man who can’t stand the dripping sound.
The violinist walks towards the man, then he put his hand on the man’s cheeks.
With blood flowing down, the wind came and the windows began to creak.

The violinist whispered, “You heard the wind, that’s the soul of my violin.”
The man deserves a punishment that would vanish his only sin.
Suddenly, the man heard the tune of a violin playing.
The violinist whispered again, “You heard what the violin is saying, it is now staying.”

The man fell on his knees, he felt the words piercing through his ears.
He deserved to be locked up, the man received what he tried to avoid- his fears.
The violinist decided to leave him alone, because that’s the right thing to do.
Then, he turned around and said, “The violin bleeds too.”


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