Last Minute Wave

Upon seeing the shattering look of her face on a late November.

Her last utterance was precious- worth to remember.

Teardrops from the sky camouflaged her real tears.

But her smile never fails to fall- Even when the woe appears.

As a pluviophile, she often danced while the clouds cried.

She was soaking wet, yet her magnificent smile was wide.

When she finished, she looked at the sky above.

She admired it, so much beauty; so much love.

Every time a stranger passed by,

She would wave and say “Hi!”

Some would greet back, others would just ignore.

Then, the thunder would be mad and would angrily roar.

She continued this until she saw someone walking past.

Suddenly, the person unexpectedly gasped.

Her hand had the urge to wave with composure,

The person took a glance and gave her a weird gesture.

Her hand was still waving and the clouds cried even harder.

Her face would light up like a ringing bell.

However, she didn’t even greet or tell,

At the last minute, she cried, “Farewell.”         



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